Holidays of educational institutions also increased. Educational institutions were to be opened on May 29 amid ongoing restrictions in the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. But due to the extension of the ongoing lockdown period, the leave of the educational institution was further extended.

Wednesday (May 26) at 12 noon, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni announced at a virtual press conference that the ongoing holiday at the educational institution will be extended till June 12.

The education minister said the leave of the educational institution has been extended till June 12. Then all the educational institutions of secondary and higher secondary level will be opened. All our preparations have been made. We will be able to open educational institutions and take classes.


Earlier on Sunday (May 23), the Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahbub Hossain told the media that the Ministry of Education has decided to extend the leave of the educational institution due to the ongoing lockdown and extension of the time limit for dealing with the epidemic. An announcement may be made in the next two to three days.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education extended the ongoing leave of educational institutions till May 29. But the country’s ongoing lockdown has been extended to May 30. Therefore, it is being decided to increase the leave of educational institutions.


According to the Ministry of Education, it is being planned to open an educational institution from next June, in which case it is being considered to extend the holiday by one more week. Preparations for opening the school college will begin if the lockdown is lifted within this period.

Although the educational institution is open, the SSC and HSC candidates of this year will be given classes six days a week with more emphasis on completing the short syllabus. Although other level students take classes one day a week, regular classes will continue online and offline.

The world is lost in the scourge of the epidemic coronavirus. Hundreds of people are being affected by corona every day in Bangladesh. New names are being added to the loss of life checklist. Educational institutions throughout the nation have been closed since March 17 final 12 months to stop the virus. Earlier this year, when the situation in Corona came under control, it was decided to open several educational institutions, but in the end, it did not happen.


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