Internet speed may be slow on Friday for 8 hours. Due to the repair work of the submarine cable in Cox’s Bazar, the internet speed may be low for the next eight hours from 2 pm on Friday (May 28). At this time, the connection of the submarine cable will be replaced by the new route instead of the existing underground cable route.


Customers can read this problem temporarily. This information was given by Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) through a press release.

The Cox’s Bazar Roads Department and the Cox’s Bazar Development Authority have completed the construction of a new route as an alternative route to the existing underground cable from Cox’s Bazar Landing Station to Beach Manhole for the SEA-ME-W-4 submarine cable.


The new route will be connected to the ‘SEA-ME-W-4’ submarine cable with optical fiber and power cable. In addition, the circuits terminated by the SEA-ME-W-4 submarine cable will be transferred to the new underground cable (from Beach Manhole to Cox’s Bazar Landing Station).

As the work will be done from 2 pm to 10 pm on Friday, the circuits terminated at the Cox’s Bazar landing station through this submarine cable will be closed.


However, the circuits of SEA-ME-W-5 Second Submarine Cable and International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) operators will remain open. As a result, customers will not have to suffer much at this time, said BSCCL Managing Director Mashiur Rahman.


He said there would be no significant problems with international voice, data, and internet services as the work of providing additional bandwidth connection through the second submarine cable were completed during the maintenance work.


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