Transport workers’ leader Shahjahan Khan has demanded that the lockdown be lifted before Eid by launching public transport. He says drivers and workers will follow strict hygiene rules. Meanwhile, Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader assured that public transport can continue after the lockdown at this stage.

Lockdown across the country again in the space of a year. Long-distance public transport was declared closed from the 5th of last month to prevent corona infection. Sometimes public transport runs inside the capital for a few days, but now everything is closed.

In the meantime, the lockdown has been relaxed and various offices and shopping malls have been opened. In this context, the transport officials have been demanding the movement of public transport.

Asking for the cancellation of the lockdown before Eid, Road Transport Leader and ruling party MP Shahjahan Khan said, “Everyone will be forced to follow strict hygiene rules from past experience.”

He said public transport will run with half the passengers in compliance with the health rules. I would like to give this assurance that we will also take very strict measures to follow the hygiene rules. But we are not opposing the lockdown. If lockdown is to be done. And if you have to relax, you have to relax for everyone.

Public health expert Mushtaq Hossain said the government would have to make extensive preparations before launching public transport. Otherwise the infection may increase again.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges says that the government is thinking of launching transport before Eid. However, he urged everyone to be patient.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said the government has relaxed the lockdown considering Eid and Ramadan and those working in shops and shopping malls. Thoughts are being given to launch public transport in the public interest ahead of Eid after the lockdown.

The government has extended strict restrictions until May 5 to curb the rise in coronavirus infections.


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