Although the SSC exam was held last year, the auto-pass was given as it was not possible to take the HSC exam due to coronavirus. This year too, it was not possible to take the test at the right time due to Corona.

As a result, SSC and HSC examinations may be held two-three months later than the scheduled time, said Professor Nehal Ahmed, chairman of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee and chairman of the Dhaka Education Board.

On Wednesday (May 5), he said, “The syllabus for SSC-HSC has been shortened this year. It was decided to take SSC in June-July and HSC in September but it may be postponed for another month or two. But there will be tests, there is no doubt about it. ‘

He added, “The way HSC candidates were passed last time cannot be called autopass. Because they were fully prepared for the exam. This time the subject of SSC or HSC is different. They could not go to class. For this, the students will have to sit for the examination even if it is in the short syllabus.

Education Minister Dr. met with curriculum experts at NCTB on January 26 this year. Dipu Moni directed to do a short syllabus of 60 days for SSC and 64 days for HSC.

After the meeting, the education minister told reporters that after completing all the classes of SSC on May 9 and HSC on June 15, SSC examinations will be held in June and HSC examinations in July or August. The syllabus will be shortened as a lot as can be taught throughout this era.

Examination questions and answer sheets will be evaluated from this short syllabus but it has not been completed due to ongoing corona situation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education (Mausi) Secretary. Mahbub Hossain said if the Corona situation in the country comes under control, all educational institutions will be opened as per the previous decision.

The education secretary said the school-college will be reopened on May 23 if the situation in the country improves. The decision that we had as per the previous announcement is still valid. Educational institutions have been directed to take steps to implement this.

Earlier, after the meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Coronavirus on March 25, the Ministry of Education issued a notification announcing the opening of the educational institution on May 23.

The statement said that considering the health and overall safety of students, teachers, staff and parents due to the increase in coronavirus infection, it has been decided to start classes on May 23 after Eid-ul-Fitr in all secondary and higher secondary schools. .

However, online education will continue at this time. At the same time, teachers, students and parents called for compliance with the health rules. Dipu Moni.

The world is lost in the scourge of the epidemic coronavirus. Thousands of people are being affected by corona every day in Bangladesh. New names are being added to the death list.

Educational institutions across the country have been closed since March 16 last year to prevent the virus. Earlier this year, when the situation in Corona came under control, it was decided to reopen several educational institutions, but in the end it did not happen.


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