The fire in Das Vharani area of ​​Sharankhola Range of Sundarbans East Forest Division did not come under control in 8 hours. The fire is spreading in the flat land of the forest. The forest department and fire service have closed the control activities as it is evening. The fire service and forest department will resume operations on Tuesday (May 4) morning to put out the fire.

However, the Forest Department and the Fire Service have received separate statements on fire control.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has formed a three-member investigation committee on Monday (May 3) evening to find out the cause of the fire. The committee was headed by Joynal Abedin, Assistant Forest Conservator, Sharankhela Range, Sundarbans East Forest Department.

Sundarbans fire is spreading, investigation committee

The other members of the committee are- Sharankhela Station Officer Abdul Mannan and Dhansagar Station Officer Md. Faridul Islam. The investigation committee has been asked to report within the next seven days.

Mohammad Belayet Hossain, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the Sundarbans East Forest Department, said the fire in the Sundarbans was under control. There are some burning herbs. There was no major damage. Fire control activities have been suspended due to the night. Forest workers and fire service will take part in extinguishing the fire again on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Fire Service and Civil Defense Station, Deputy Director of Bagerhat. Golam Sarwar said the fire broke out in a forest about 6 to 8 km away from the locality. As a result, we have to get up to speed to put out the fire. The fire is not in one place as there are piles of leaves in the dry season. The fire is spreading very fast in different parts of the plains. There is no source of water in the vicinity of the place where the fire broke out.

He added that four and a half kilometers of pipes have been installed to provide water to control the fire. We have suspended activities due to nightfall. Our three units will resume work from Tuesday morning. Hopefully it will be possible to bring the fire under complete control on Tuesday.

A fire broke out in Das’s Varani area of ​​Sharankhola Range of Sundarbans East Forest Department on Monday afternoon. Later, the locals saw the smoke and informed the forest department. Earlier, on February 8, a fire engulfed at least 3 percent of the Sundarbans. This led to 25 fires in the Sundarbans in 20 years.


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