Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Benazir Ahmed has directed the police to be strict on a number of issues, including strict adherence to the government’s ‘all-out lockdown’ to prevent corona infection.

He gave the instructions on Tuesday (April 13th) via video conference to all police commissioners, range DIGs, district police superintendents and police officers in charge (OCs) to prevent the spread of corona infection and on the occasion of Holy Ramadan.

Wednesday (April 14) Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG-Media) said. Sohail Rana has confirmed the matter to the media.

The IGP instructed the police officers to patiently and intelligently comply with government restrictions. He said the movement of food items, medicines, manufacturing materials and other emergency services vehicles should be made smooth.

The IGP stressed the need to take necessary legal action through regular monitoring to ensure that no individual or group disrupts social harmony by uploading rumors and misleading posts, comments or pictures that hurt religious sentiments on the occasion of Kovid-19 infection, lockdown, Ramadan through social media.

The IGP informed the meeting that the workers would be able to travel from one district to another under the special transport management of the concerned district administration in case of emergency transport of agricultural labor in Boro paddy harvest. The IGP sternly said that any kind of extortion on highways during Ramadan will not be tolerated.

He said that no gathering or iftar mahfil can be organized inside or outside the mosque during the Friday and Waqt prayers in the holy month of Ramadan. Intelligence needs to be stepped up to curb the distribution of posters and leaflets by religious extremist groups of banned militant groups on the occasion of Ramadan. In the case of distribution of zakat, fitra, food items on the occasion of Ramadan, public gatherings should be avoided.

The IGP further said that on the occasion of the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr, many people can leave Dhaka and other cities and go home to the villages, at which time they have to ensure the security of their homes. At this time, the crowd of homebound people may increase at the railway station, launch and bus terminal. Police patrols should be increased in these places to maintain public order.

The IGP directed the concerned authorities to co-operate in curbing the rise in prices of essential commodities by creating an artificial crisis during Ramadan. He also directed that horns be blown loudly at night during Ramadan and that action be taken against speeding vehicles.

The IGP said that while performing their duties, the police members have to perform their duties in accordance with proper hygiene rules. He instructed the unit heads to confirm the matter.

Addressing the public, the IGP said no one should go out of the house unnecessarily during government restrictions. If you want to go out in case of emergency, you will move with the police movement pass. When you go out of the house for emergency work, you must wear a mask and follow other hygiene rules.