Auckland University Scholarship is one of the best scholarships in New Zealand. If you want to study in a foreign country then New Zealand is a great choice. The Auckland University, New Zealand giving big scholarships for international students.

New Zealand is a very peaceful country to living. The crime index is very low and the universities are top-rated, so education quality is good. You can also do a part-time job while studying in New Zealand.


Auckland University Scholarship

Benefits Of Auckland University Scholarship

World-Class Education Quality in Auckland University. The country is very nice to foreigners and almost 0% Corruption free. The Auckland University is one of the best university all around the world.

You’ll get a monthly stipend of approximately $1650 USD. You don’t have to pay any tuition fees.


What Are Included In The Auckland University Scholarship?

  • Full free Study permit. (No Tuition Fees)
  • Monthly Stipend Upto $2000 USD. (Depends On the course)
  • Students studying in Health-Related subjects in Master’s and Ph.D. will get around $2360 USD per month.
  • Travel Allowance Will be provided by the scholarship.
  • Medical Insurance Will be provided by the scholarship.
  • Accommodation allowance.

What are the required documments to apply for the Scholarship in New Zealand?

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Academic Certificates
  3. 2 Reference Later
  4. Motivation Later (Learn How to write Motivation Later for scholarships)
  5. CV/Resume
  6. Work Experiences (If Have)
  7. Research Proposal (For Ph.D.)
  8. Other Papers (If Have any Important Documents)
  9. IELTS/ MOI (No problem If you don’t have IELTS or MOI, but If you have then you should submit the IELTS or MOI results)

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