Castagra Products is a manageable rooftop covering maker that has been giving inventive and 100% without voc coatings to the material business for quite a long time. We are committed to supporting the exchanges and acquainting more advancement and manageability with the business.

Candidates to the Castagra Roofing Scholarship Program ought to be seeking after a vocation in the exchanges and energetic about development and advancement.

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Candidates to the Castagra Roofing Scholarship Program should be:

  • Seeking after a post-optional training in school or professional programs** in material or a comparative field. Comparative field should be material to the structure business (development, waterproofing, and so forth)
  • Energetic about development and additionally supportability
  • An American or Canadian resident or perpetual occupant
  • Castagra Products workers and their relatives are ineligible


The chose beneficiary will get a $1000 USD grant. Grants are not sustainable, but rather candidates may reapply to the program every year that they meet qualification prerequisites.


Applications ought to be messaged to

  • Your accommodation should be gotten by August 31, 2021 at 12 PM PST
  • Applications should incorporate the candidate’s name, address, telephone number, and email address
  • Your application should incorporate a 500-1000 word exposition specifying your instructive and profession
  • objectives goals, and how you will add to the material business. Unique thought will be given to the individuals who are enthusiastic about manageability or potentially development.