As a piece of our main goal to assist those battling with fixation recuperate and construct a more promising time to come, the Liberty Ranch is offering the Addiction and Mental Health Scholarship 2021, a $1,000 grant equipped towards people who have battled with emotional wellness challenges, have been affected by substance mishandle or expect to work to in psychological well-being connected fields to destigmatize dysfunctional behavior and compulsion.


The Addiction and Mental Health Scholarship 2021 is available to all understudies who have been affected by emotional wellness difficulties and enslavement. People seeking after examinations zeroed in on destigmatizing compulsion and psychological maladjustment are likewise welcomed to apply.

The grant is available to secondary school seniors, undergrad, and post-graduate level understudies selected or acknowledged at a licensed school or college.





  • Candidates ought to apply through the accompanying structure.
  • The Addiction and Mental Health Scholarship 2021 candidates should present a 500 word individual exposition specifying why they ought to get the grant and how they intend to utilize their investigations to destigmatize psychological well-being, fixation, and additionally serve their local area. Individual papers ought to incorporate a depiction of candidate’s current or proposed plan of study.
  • Understudies chose to get the grant will be needed to submit documentation showing their enlistment at an authorize school, college or partner program for Fall 2021 preceding getting the honor.

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