An actor who came back from the brink of suicide and changed his life. Once, twice, thrice … it didn’t happen … nothing is happening, nothing is happening … financially, in despair, in the excruciating pain of separation, young Manoj Bajpai went to commit suicide. Suddenly, it seemed, three times Nashlan returned from the School of Drama (NSD).

What will be the maximum, will return once more. Suicide was done a little later. He applied for the fourth time. On the day of the publication of the results, he went to see the results in preparation for suicide. He will die only after seeing the cancellation for the fourth time. But what is this, he has been elected! He rubbed his eyes and looked again, ‘Manoj Vajpayee, selected’.

The suicide plan had to be canceled in a hurry due to various emotions. He did not die. He returned to the hostel with sweets. Manoj Vajpayee is one of the ‘finest’ actors in Bollywood at the moment. That actor, who doesn’t have to do too much to say a lot. Today is his 52nd birthday.

Exactly 52 years ago from today. Manoj Vajpayee was born on 23 April 1969 in the village of Beloa in the West Champaran district of Bihar. He was named after actor Manoj Kumar. He is the second of six children of a farmer father and a housewife mother. His family has made another career in Bollywood. Younger sister Poonam Dubey is a well-known fashion designer in Bollywood.

Manoj said in ‘The Slow Interview with Nilesh Mishra’ about childhood, ‘Eighty percent of the people in the world don’t know what he wants to be before he passes college. But as far as I can remember, I just wanted to be an actor. When I went to farm in the field with my father, it seemed like I was acting like a farmer. From the moment I was born, I was just an actor in my heart. ‘

Manoj said that the parents of the peasant families in the village are not worried about their children’s education and career. In Manoj’s words, their idea was, ‘Ya Simran ya, Ji le Apane Zindegi’. Manoj also used to go out in the morning. He used to walk all day or ‘to to’. He would return home in the evening. He would go to sleep after eating. He would get up again the next morning and go out. He used to climb mountains and swim in rivers. In Manoj’s words, ‘the sons of a peasant family in the village are more independent, brave than others for these reasons. Could turn around reliably.

Whatever he wished. He used to climb and read trees like himself. That’s how he learned to grow the tree of life. Learning was done on its own, so there was no time for adulteration. It is important to grow up that way to think freely, straightforwardly. And our village is the most beautiful village in this world. Very close to the Nepal-India border. If you sprinkle rice. There is nothing else to do. The soil is so fertile. In winter the mountains freeze. Sunlight glistening on that ice. When I look at the mountain, that light falls on my eyes, I think. That is how our minds have been enlightened. ‘

An actor who came back from the brink of suicide and changed his life

Manoj was 17 then. He bowed to his parents with his clothes in a box and said, ‘I am going to Delhi’ and got on the train with a friend. The only train, tickets were already sold out. So when TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) came, he ran from one room to another. In Manoj’s words, ‘Luka Chupi’ played. Then he was admitted to Ramyash College, a part of Delhi University. The intention was to reach the NDC somehow. There he came to the notice of several well-known teachers of Delhi University.

Shamsul Islam is one of them. About this teacher, Manoj said, ‘Shamsul Islam Sir is one of those without whom I could not be who I am today. I went to him one day and told him that I wanted to do a street play. He said, come on. I thought, wow, pretty much … so easy! Went the next day. He let me read some of Chekhov’s plays. Tolstoy, Marx, Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Christopher Marlowe …. I thought, no, not easy!

Three years at Delhi University is very important to me. I was the introverted, quiet kind of young man. I read and looked at everyone around me. And if I got a chance to act, what I saw, what I read, what I thought …. I would pour it all out.’

After graduating from Delhi University, Manoj started applying to the National School of Drama. That was the hardest time of Manoj’s life. As a student, when he did not have the right address, he married a girl from Delhi. That marriage of the struggling period did not last long. The responsibilities of the five siblings in the family, including the parents, their own career, the separation from their first wife — all seemed to be in the dark.

This is when Manoj went to commit suicide. Before applying for the fourth time, Barry did John’s workshop on the advice of Raghubir Yadav. Fascinated by Manoj’s performance, John hired him as his teaching assistant. While working there, Manoj applied for the fourth time and survived. Another life began.

He appeared for a few seconds in a movie called Drohakala in 1994. She got a small character in the movie ‘Banded Queen’ directed by Shekhar Kapoor. Seeing that little character, Mahesh Bhatt took Manoj in the mega serial ‘Swabhiman’. The soap opera was on television. ‘Dastak’, ‘Tamanna’ — he was playing small characters in these films. Seeing this, Ram Gopal Varma took Manoj as a side character in the movie ‘Dawood’.

Seeing Manoj’s performance on the big screen, he wanted to tear his hair. Why did you make such a small character with such a good actor? Ram took Manoj in the lead role in his next film ‘Satya’. And Manoj also got a chance and gave his all. The movie was a huge hit. Originally, this film was a turning point in Manoj’s career. This film ended Manoj’s struggle to get a job.

What happened to Amjad Khan after the movie “Shole” is mine! One movie proposal after another started coming. I kept my head down and started saying “no”. From the beginning I knew I was not a race horse. I will do whatever I can to introduce myself as an actor. I swallowed the greed to run after name, fame, fame, money. I quietly paid attention to being an actor.

Manoj Bajpai

‘Who is Mumbaika King? The whole of India seemed to have gone mad at this dialogue in Manoj’s throat. Anupama Chopra said in a review of the movie, “Looking at Manoj’s performance as Don Bhikkhu Matra in Mumbai’s underworld, it seems that the smell of Mumbai’s slums is coming from his sweat. I don’t know when the Indian audience will see such a performance on the big screen or not at all. ‘After Filmfare, Manoj’s performance in this film was put on the list of the best on the big screen in Bollywood.

What is the secret to being a good actor?

In the first film, Manoj got National Film Award, Filmfare and many more. In Manoj’s words, ‘Then there were Khans (Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir), Akshay, Ajay too. But if you Google it, you will see that only one picture was discussed in 1996, and that is “true”. What happened to Amjad Khan after the movie “Shole” is mine! One movie proposal after another started coming. I kept my head down and started saying “no”. From the beginning I knew I was not a race horse. I will do whatever I can to introduce myself as an actor.

An actor who came back from the brink of suicide and changed his life

I swallowed the greed to run after name, fame, fame, money. As an actor, I quietly paid attention to ‘Kaun’, ‘Shool’, ‘Fiza’, ‘Road’, ‘Pinjar’, ‘Vir Zara’, ‘Acid Factory’, ‘Politics’,’ Chittagong ‘,’ Gangs Ab Wasipur ‘,’ Aligarh ‘,’ Love Sonia ‘,’ Sanchiria ‘,’ Mrs. Serial Killer ‘have all acted in various roles. He won the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in ‘Vosle’. He won the Filmfare OTT Best Actor Award for his role as a Secret Agent in The Family Man.

Since then, Manoj has acted in numerous ‘non-Bollywood’ and ‘Bollywood’ movies for almost two decades. Received three national film awards. In 2019, he was awarded India’s fourth-highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, for his contribution to the big screen. In a recent interview, Anupama Chopra said, “I see your performances in ‘Gali Gulia’, ‘Aligarh’ and ‘Vosle’, and also in ‘Satyamev Jayate’, ‘Baghi To’ and ‘Missing’. Alternative and commercial কী how do you act in these two types of films? In reply, Manoj replied, “Xavier (director Milap Xavier) shouts on the set of” Satyamev Jayate “,” Sir, don’t act so realistic. Please, sir, don’t go deep into the character. Don’t think too much about the character.

The audience will fall asleep. A little louder, a little more … don’t hold the expression for so long, sir. This is not an art film, sir. This is not “abuse.” That’s when I realized. And do the switching. What else is this! You have to make these movies to survive after eating. I also enjoy very much. When I go to IIT or Aligarh, the students shout, wanting to hear the dialogue of these pictures. All of them memorized. I like these very much. After all, Bollywood is an industry. And the box office is the most important there. It cannot be ignored. But movies like ‘Gali Gulia’, ‘Aligarh’ and ‘Vosle’ are a test for me. The scale of verifying oneself as an actor. Leaving some real character for the big screen from his place of responsibility. Going to sleep in peace. ‘

Ashok Purana is a friend of Manoj Bajpai’s village. Once upon a time there was a lot of misery going on in Manoj’s village house. There is no money to eat. Manoj is also not eating in Delhi in any way. What a help! At that time, Ashok came to Manoj’s house and handed over 700 rupees to his brother and said, ‘I took it from Manoj, I gave it back.’ Cooked. After eating rice, he wrote a letter to Manoj, ‘We don’t eat, and you lend money to a friend?’ But Manoj never gave Ashok any money.

Ashoka helped his family with the money to help his friend in distress. He said that so that Manoj’s family could take the money easily. Manoj said in an interview, “I never paid that 600 rupees. Because there is no repayment. I often wake up and express my gratitude for that 800 rupees. And I thought, what would my family eat at noon if I didn’t pay that day? Unable to repay, I am today with so many loans. Today’s Manoj Bajpai. ‘

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