The second episode of the critically acclaimed ‘Three Sixty Five Days is coming’. Among the movies released on Netflix was the much talked about and criticized movie ‘Three Sixty Five Days’. When the movie was released on Netflix last year, it caused a stir all over the world. Apart from criticism, it has also gained immense popularity among the viewers.

Starring Michelle Moron and Anna Maria, the film is directed by Barbara Bialwas.

The movie got great discussion for the story of the first episode. That is why this Polish-language movie has gained a large number of fans all over the world. Thinking about that demand, the second episode of the movie ‘Three Sixty Five Days’ is coming.

The film is based on the story of Blanca Lipinskar’s first novel, Trilogy. The story of a young godfather who fell in love with a beautiful woman and developed with various fame stories has won the hearts of millions of viewers. The work of the second installment is going on for them. Shooting has also started a few days ago.

Recently, actor Michelle Moron Tarek wrote in an Instagram note, ‘Welcome Massimo. I missed you every day of shooting. ‘

On the other hand, Anna Maria wrote in one of her notes, ‘Today is a wonderful day. Finally, we came back. Now waiting for some good time. Of course, I feel honored to be able to work with Netflix. Hopefully, the shooting of the movie will end in time.


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