Corona or Dengue Public Awareness and Public Involvement. Outbreaks of dengue have been reported in Bangladesh during the Corona epidemic (29%). These two viruses carry our lives in disarray. The pressure on healthcare is growing.

Although there are some similarities between the symptoms of corona and dengue, there are many differences. Corona can cause respiratory problems, which are not seen in dengue.

In the case of dengue fever, a red rash may appear on the body after four-five days. The most frightening thing is dengue ‘shock syndrome’, which can lead to the death of the patient.
Corona’s symptoms are variable. Symptoms vary depending on the corona variant.

Common symptoms of corona:

1. Fever
2. Cough
3. Exhausted
4. Sore throat, runny nose
5. Shortness of breath
6. Not getting nose odor
6. Not getting the taste of food
Symptoms of dengue fever:
1. High fever
2. Acute headache
3. Vomiting
4. red rash on the body
5. Muscle pain
6. Pain behind the eyes

New symptoms of corona:

1. Swollen tongue, mild chest pain
2. Burning eyes, pale color of hands and toes
3. Burning in the palm of the hand
4. Headache, sore throat
5. Feeling red on the soles of the feet
6. Diarrhea, sores on the face, skin rash

If we want to get rid of these two diseases, we all have to work together. Everyone involved with the health system must take effective Public Health measures. At the same time, the people have to abide by the health rules and other restrictions and be involved.

What to do to prevent corona:

1. Wear a mask in the right way at all times
2. Maintaining physical distance or social distance
3. Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer every hour
4. Don’t go out of the house unnecessarily, avoid crowded places
5. Use tissue paper/handkerchief/elbow while coughing and sneezing. Regularly keep home and workplace clean.
6. Eat well-cooked fish and meat
7. Don’t get vaccinated.

Dengue prevention:

1. To destroy mosquito breeding ground

2.Clean stagnant water in any container or place in and around the house so that Aedes mosquito lava does not spread.
3. Regular cleaning of flower tubs, plastic containers, discarded tires, plastic drums, earthenware, buckets, tin cans, coconut shells, coconut garlands, containers, pots, battery cells, etc.; So that Aedes mosquitoes cannot spread.
4. Use a mosquito net while sleeping at night or during the day
5. Establishing a healthy environment
6. Use of mosquito repellent, spray, or coil
7. Use mosquito repellent nets on windows

We are familiar with the terrible condition of the corona. At the same time, dengue is making the eyes red. The number of dengue fever patients is increasing every day and patients are having to fight for a bed in the hospital.
Dengue fever can affect people of any age. However, children and adolescents (51.42%) are most at risk.

The outbreak of dengue was first seen in our country in 2000. Later in 2019, dengue fever spread again. In that year, more than 1 lakh patients were identified and 189 patients died. Both males (84.1%) and females (35.69%) were affected.

So far this year, the incidence of dengue is higher in Dhaka and children are the most affected. 316 people have been admitted to different hospitals in the country due to dengue fever. So far in the new year, 914 people have been infected with dengue fever.
With the joint efforts and involvement of all, it is possible to reduce the prevalence of dengue fever. So we have to be aware and the immune system must be adhered to all at once.

Source: Department of Health, Lancet
Author: Dr. Arif Mahmud, Public Health Specialist, and Deputy Director, Medical Services, Evercare Hospital Dhaka.


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