The coronavirus is spreading all over the world. To fight infection, you need to increase your immunity. Experts say the vaccine is not just enough to prevent viral infections, it also requires a healthy diet to fight the infection.

He is at home on the advice of doctors without being admitted to the hospital due to corona. According to dietitians, diet charts should be like this for them.

In the morning

Wake up and have tea, two biscuits, a simple meal, two loaves of bread with butter or jam, a banana, a cup of milk, a boiled or hand-baked egg, curry with a variety of vegetables, or milk cornflakes, cornflakes. Then you can eat the fruit. You can eat guava or watermelon or apple or ripe papaya.

At noon

Eat the same amount of rice, a bowl of pulses, curry and various vegetables for lunch. Such as carrot, barb, patal, cabbage etc. It is better to add some neutrilla chunk in the vegetable. Thin fish broth, homemade sour yogurt.

Tea biscuits

You can eat tea biscuits. Then eat the germinated gram a little more deliciously. Because, there is no taste in the mouth at this time. You can eat cucumber, tomato, onion with a little bit of salt and lemon juice. One day you can eat sprouted mug instead of gram. One day murdi, soaked gram.


Eat early at night. Hot soup, two hand-made breads, thin chicken broth (with two pieces of chicken), pulses, curry. Curry or neutral curry instead of chicken. Someday you will eat thin khichuri instead of bread to change your face.


Why eat neem leaf juice in corona time?