That is why the average life expectancy of women is higher than men. The average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men in the whole world including Bangladesh. The average life expectancy of women in Bangladesh is 4 years more than that of men.

This information has come up in the report of the United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA ‘World Population Situation 2021’.
According to the report, the average life expectancy of women in Bangladesh is 75 years, while the average life expectancy of men is 71 years. Besides, according to the latest data of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the average life expectancy of women in Bangladesh is 74.2 years. And men 71.1 years.

There is some rhythm in the struggle of a man and a woman from childhood to adulthood. Both are working hard, yet why is there such a difference in average life expectancy? This question may be revolving in the minds of many. Experts have given some explanations.
According to them, the social, economic, political, and cultural structure of women is involved in increasing or decreasing the average life expectancy of women.

Professor Bellal Hossain of the Department of Population Sciences, Dhaka University, said that the average life expectancy of women in Bangladesh started increasing between 2003-05.
According to her, women’s health care was neglected almost two to three decades ago. Women were suffering from malnutrition, women’s health care, especially maternal health care was not given importance. Due to which the average life expectancy of women was low. But now the situation has changed.

On the other hand, this difference in the life expectancy of men and women is not something new, but experts have been noticing it for decades.
Dr. Parminder Sachdev, a professor in the Department of Neuropsychiatry at the University of South Wales in Australia, has studied human longevity.

According to him, why do women live longer? There are some popular theories about this, some of which involve biology; Again some involve human behavior.
According to him, men smoke relatively more, drink more alcohol, and become overweight. They are also reluctant to see a doctor at an early stage and do not seek regular treatment if diagnosed.

And most importantly, men take on extra-risky, life-threatening tasks.
This is like dying in an accident while driving or fighting. There is also scientific evidence behind this. The levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in men’s bodies make them more prone to such risky activities.

A study from Duke University found that risky behavior is associated with increased testosterone levels.
According to Parminder Sachdev, male hormones cannot be blamed; On the contrary, women’s hormones give them special benefits for life. The hormone estrogen protects women; It has an antioxidant role.

A 2013 review in the International Journal of Endocrinology found that estrogen could prevent DNA damage.
Reviews also show that estrogen helps keep cell activity normal and healthy. The results of such studies argue for a longer life expectancy for women.


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