4 Iranians try to abduct a journalist in New York. Four Iranians have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap a New York journalist and human rights, activist. They are claimed to be Tehran’s intelligence agents.

The journalist is said to have written critically about the human rights situation in Iran. Reuters quoted a US Justice Department indictment released on Tuesday (July 13th).

In recent years, Iranian spies have been tricking foreign activists into traveling to places where they could be abducted or sent back to Iran. US authorities have claimed that.
However, the name of the target of the conspiracy was not mentioned in the complaint. But Reuters claimed that Iranian intelligence had targeted the abduction of Iranian-American journalist Masih Alinazed.

He writes for the US government-funded Voice of America Persian. He also wrote a report on human rights issues in Iran.
The U.S. Department of Justice did not immediately return calls seeking comment on whether Alinejad was the target of the conspiracy.

However, when asked about this, the journalist said, “I am in a mental crisis now.”
Eight months ago, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) brought him pictures of the conspirators. He has been working with the company since then.

“The FBI has shown me that the Islamic Republic of Iran has come very close,” Alinejad said. Iran has hired private detectives in Brooklyn on false pretenses to monitor journalists.
Prosecutors say he was videotaped into his family and home to be abducted. New York’s Southern District Attorney Audrey Strauss said the four defendants wanted to take their victims to Iran by force. And if he could be taken to Iran, his fate would be in grave uncertainty.

The Iranians hired private detectives to monitor Alinazed and his family. It is claimed that he went missing from Abu Dhabi. He fled the country not to repay the loan.
Prosecutors say the four Iranian spies planned to take the journalist out of New York to Caracas in a high-speed boat.

Alan E., assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Department. “Iran conducts missions to take our citizens to Iran,” said Kathler Jr. The operation was launched to avenge the journalist’s freedom of speech.


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