43 including Bangladeshis missing in boat sinking in Mediterranean. At least 43 people have gone missing after a boat carrying migrants, including Bangladeshis, sank in the Mediterranean off the coast of the North African country of Tunisia.

The Tunisian navy has rescued 84 other passengers from the boat, which sank in the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Italy from Libya.

The Tunisian Red Crescent told Reuters on Saturday (July 3rd) that citizens of Bangladesh, Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea were on board the sinking boat. The boat sank as they tried to cross the Mediterranean from Libya.

The Red Crescent also said the boat was carrying migrants from the northwestern Libyan coast of Jura. There have been several recent shipwrecks off the coast of Tunisia carrying migrants.

Earlier, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Europe sank in the Mediterranean last Sunday. The Tunisian navy later rescued 178 migrants from the boat. The bodies of two other immigrants were found in the boat at that time. The Tunisian authorities said the migrants were citizens of Bangladesh, Egypt, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Syria, and Tunisia.

On June 24, the Tunisian Coast Guard rescued 267 migrants floating in the Mediterranean. Of these immigrants, 264 are Bangladeshis. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said they had been rescued on the same day as they were heading to Europe illegally from Libya via the Mediterranean.

In the last two years, the number of immigrants from Libya to various European countries has increased. Mangi Slim warned late last month that the homes of immigrants in southern Tunisia were overcrowded.

Italy has become one of the ways for thousands of immigrants from different parts of the world to migrate to different countries in Europe. However, attempts by immigrants to travel to Europe via Italy often fail. The number of immigrants traveling to Europe via Italy has increased again this year.

About 19,800 immigrants have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the year; Most of them have fled to Africa and the Middle East to escape conflict and poverty. But at the same time last year, the number of immigrants arriving in Italy was only 6,700, according to the country’s interior ministry.


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