Biden tweeted on Independence Day. The United States is celebrating Independence Day for the second time in Corona. The 245th Independence Day of the United States is being celebrated in a very cheerful mood this year as the situation in Corona is a bit better than last year.

CNN reports that rallies, parades, and concerts have been organized to mark Independence Day. Dazzling fireworks are also one of the attractions of this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

In a tweet, US President Joe Biden thanked Americans and said, “I thank the billions of Americans who have shown interest in coming forward to get vaccinated against this coronavirus epidemic. I am grateful to all those who were on the front lines and in the emergency services at this critical time.

In a tweet, US Vice President Kamala Harris said, “On this Independence Day, I would like to thank all those who fought and provided emergency services. They have given us security.

But health officials in several states, including Arkansas, have warned of a third wave of covid. Barbara Ferrer, director of the health department in Arkansas, said a large number of people would be at risk if new infections spread. Especially if the Delta variant spreads, 4 million people will be at risk.


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