Black fungus attacks in Afghanistan too. The first black fungus to be infected among corona patients in India has now been identified in Afghanistan. The war-torn country is currently experiencing the third wave of epidemics.

Afghan Health Minister Wahid Majrooh made the announcement on Saturday (July 3rd). One death has been reported from black fungus so far. The two have also been identified
Afghans are not seen wearing a mask or maintaining social distance. Corona infections are also on the rise there.

In the last 24 hours, one thousand 272 people have been newly infected with corona. 72 of them died. An average of four thousand samples is being tested there daily.

The number of beds in different hospitals in the capital Kabul has been increased. But there is running out of oxygen. The poor have to wait day after day for oxygen cylinders.
The infection of black fungus in India has become a cause of global concern. The virus has also been found in Egypt.


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