Bush fears US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Former US President George W. Bush has referred to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as a mistake. He warned that Afghan women and children could face “incredibly bad” consequences.

“I think that Afghan women and children will face incredible consequences,” she told the Berlin-based Deutsche Welle. I think the situation is getting worse.

This former president of the United States started the Afghan war. He sent troops to Afghanistan after September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.
Bush is generally reluctant to criticize his successor’s decision-making. But with US troops withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s advance is expected to disrupt the country’s security.

“My fear is that Afghan women and children could suffer indescribably,” the former US president said. They are terrified.
Meanwhile, Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan have demanded control of one of the most important border crossings with neighboring Pakistan. This is their biggest strategic advance since the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Pakistani officials said on Wednesday (July 14th) that the Taliban had lowered the Afghan government’s flag from the Friendship Gate at the border crossing between the Pakistani city of Chamam and the Afghan city of Wesh.

The crossing is located south of Kandahar in Afghanistan, according to Reuters. Which is the second busiest border crossing in the landlocked country. The crossing is also the main connecting port of Pakistan with the vast southwestern part of Afghanistan.
According to the Afghan government, 900 trucks pass through the border every day. Pakistan has closed that part of the border after the Taliban declared control.

Earlier, there was heavy fighting between Afghan government forces and the Taliban in the Wesh region. Afghan government officials say government forces have driven out Taliban fighters. The Spin Boldak border district of Kandahar province is still under the control of government forces.
But civilians and Pakistani officials said the Taliban had taken control of the Wes border checkpoints.

Pakistani security officials deployed in the border area said Wes was very important in Pakistan’s trade with Afghanistan. But the region is now under Taliban control.
Chama officials said the Taliban had blocked all travel through the gate. Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid acknowledged control of the border crossing.

Taliban insurgents have been fighting to oust the Kabul government and foreign forces since the US-led invasion in 2001.


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