Buyerless Kuwait City Market expatriates at a loss. With just a few days left until Eid, the Bangladeshi-inhabited Suk Al Watania shopping mall in Kuwait City is not crowded. Expatriate Bangladeshi traders are facing losses due to the miserable situation of buying and selling in the market which is almost without buyers.

Kuwait is one of the best oil-rich countries in the Middle East. The country’s economic development is currently plagued by the Corona epidemic. This has also affected the Bangladeshis living in Kuwait. Many have left the country due to restrictions imposed on the second wave of the corona.

Suk Al Watania Shopping Mall in Kuwait City is a favorite market of Bangladeshis. Most of the sellers here are Bangladeshi. Once upon a time, there was a crowd of buyers in that market, now it is pretty much buyers.

The traders are also struggling to pay the shop rent and pay the workers. However, they hope that Kuwait’s the trade and commerce will gradually pick up speed after overcoming the Corona epidemic.


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