China will launch a rocket to stop the asteroid coming towards the earth!. China has offered to launch a rocket into space to change the path of an asteroid approaching Earth. An asteroid the equivalent of a 100-story building could hit Earth in the next 150 years. But before that, Chinese researchers want to save the world by launching 23 ‘Long March-5’ rockets.

Benu, an asteroid or rock weighing 6,600 kg, is as tall as the 102-story Empire State Building in New York. If the asteroid hits the earth, there is a risk of massive destruction. However, the risk of Benu hitting the earth is only one part out of 2,600. But even if that one part of the fear is real, the destruction of the world is inevitable. However, scientists have already begun to calculate the direction of the asteroid orbiting the Earth.

Chinese scientists say their ‘Long March-5’ rocket could change the direction of Benu. In a report published in the space science journal Icarus, researchers suggested launching 23 long-march five rockets. Not only China, but NASA, the US space agency, is looking for different solutions to change its trajectory when Benu is finally approaching Earth. They are thinking of sending a rocket weighing 400 tons through Project Hammer. And they claim that it is capable of reaching faster than Chinese rockets.

However, the plan will take more than 25 years to implement. Again, many scientists have suggested the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the asteroid, although there are many risks involved. Because even a shattered object hits the earth, there is a risk of extensive damage.

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