City underwater scientists searching for mysteries. The search for Fuxian Lake in China’s Yunnan Province began 14 years ago, on June 13, 2006. Archaeologists then discovered the remains of several ancient buildings in the water below the lake.


Researchers also see mysterious sculptures in the depths of the water. This discovery shows that long ago civilized people built these magnificent architectures. But there are new doubts about the idea that experts have come up with about these installations.


According to Life News, according to historical documents, a town called Yuan was established in the Fuxian Lake area during the Western Han Dynasty.

But after the Sui and Tang dynasties, the city has lost its historical documents. The Sui and Tang dynasties ruled from 589-906 AD. But local legends say the city of Yuan sank on Fuxian Lake.


Previous research has been based on the idea that the city of Yuan or the capital of the ancient Dian dynasty sank in Fuxian Lake. But a second search found the opposite of that idea: the buildings are made of stone. But the cities of Diane and Yuan were built of wood and clay.

According to a sound wave search, the architecture in the depths of Fuxian Lake covers an area of ​​about 2.4 square kilometers. Which is larger than the capital of the Han dynasty.


At present no one is able to give any information about this. But everyone is surprised that there are no historical documents of such a large underwater architecture.

One of the architectures looks like a pyramid. Which is better than the Egyptian pyramids. And the stones are decorated with different designs and symbols.


The stone carvings are enigmatic, mysterious. The resemblance to the sun to see carved on a rock. Experts say that this sun-shaped carving is very rare. This symbol is believed to be more than 1,800 years old.


Experts have also found carvings that look like masks. But the flat cheeks and clenched teeth of the mask did not show any human appearance.


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