Google fined thousands of crores of rupees. Italy’s anti-trust authority has fined Google 102 million euros for blocking an app from its own company.

In a statement on Thursday (May 13th), the Italian regulator said that Google has blocked the Android X system and the Google Play Store from the X-Jupus app of the Anel X, made by electric car users. With this app, car owners can find charging stations near their location.

They also said that Google has not allowed juice pack on Android Auto for two years. As a result, Anel X may fail to build a foundation for users.

According to the regulator, Google’s “competitive behavior” could have a negative impact on the expansion of electric vehicles as well as seriously affect its development.

The Italian government has instructed the US technology company to release the app as soon as possible in compliance with EU law.

However, Google has not yet commented on the incident in Italy.

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