Hack Trump’s advisor on the opening day of the media! Former US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jason Miller has opened a new social media platform. After the inauguration, the social media called GETTR was hacked.

However, in a statement, Miller said the issue had been resolved within minutes. The intruders entered and changed the names of some of the users.

Miller said more than half a million people have already registered on social media.
Reuters reports that the social media called GETTR is similar to Twitter. It is also available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Trump was banned from social media including Facebook and Twitter after the January 8 riots on Capitol Hill. In a recent interview, Miller said Trump will be joining the platform very soon, but under certain conditions.

At the time, Miller said, a new ‘social media’ would be launched. Trump’s new social media will be much larger.

Miller later said in a tweet that the new website was not the kind of social media platform he had previously suggested. “More information will come soon,” he said. The website was created by the digital services company of Brad Pascal, Donald Trump’s campaign manager.


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