Hezbollah claims that four Israeli drones have been shot down. Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah has shot down four Israeli drones.

Hezbollah forces destroyed four Israeli drones as they tried to enter the Madi area of ​​the Lebanese capital, Beirut, by sea on Thursday (July 1st), Iraq’s Saberin news channel reported. These were shot down. This news channel did not say more than that.

According to Parstood, Israel occasionally violates Lebanon’s water, land, and air borders. Tel Aviv has previously attacked Syria using Lebanese airspace, flouting all international law.

The Lebanese government has always called on international organizations, including the United Nations, to take action to stop Israeli aggression.

After the 33-day war in 2006, UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1601, stating that Israel would not engage in any hostile activities against Lebanon. But Israel does not abide by any international law or declaration.


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