In India the fear of death-detection the third wave is decreasing. In the last 24 hours, 43,071 people have been identified as corona in neighboring India. 955 people died at this time. News NDTV.

With this, the number of corona-infected patients in the country stands at 3 lakh, 45 thousand 433 people. The death toll has exceeded 4 lakh, 2 thousand 5 people.

The hope is that the coronavirus detection rate in India has been below 5 percent for 27 consecutive days. Where in the last 24 hours the detection rate is 2.34 percent.

According to World Health Organization standards, patient identification rates are an indicator of whether a country’s corona situation is under control. In India, the detection rate has been below 5 percent for more than two weeks in a row. As such, the situation in the country is not under control.

So far, more than 35 crore doses have been given in India. While the second wave is coming down, the new look of the corona in a few weeks could make the potential third wave in the Delta Plus country frightening.

About 20,000 patients were identified in one day in mid-March this year. Then the infection increases by leaps and bounds. Last May, the highest number of patients identified in the country in a single day was recorded at more than 4 lakh 14 thousand.

India holds the report for the highest quantity of corona sufferers recognized in a single day in any nation in the world. The record was held by the United States until April 22.

The United States has the highest number of corona in the world, according to WorldOmiter. After the United States, India, then Brazil. And the United States tops the list in terms of deaths. Brazil is second and India is third.


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