Israeli airstrikes in Gaza as well as bombardment. Israeli occupation forces have launched airstrikes and shelling in the besieged Gaza Strip. The death toll continues to rise. In response, Hamas has continued its rocket attacks on Israel’s commercial capital, Tel Aviv.

The northern and eastern parts of Gaza were shaken by artillery fire and explosions early Friday (May 14th), Reuters reported. Witnesses said many families living near the border have started leaving their homes, with many seeking refuge in UN-run schools.

Several synagogues of the Jews were burnt in the rocket attack from Gaza. In such a situation, the President of Israel has warned everyone to stay safe.

Palestinian doctors say at least 109 people, including 29 children, have been killed in Gaza in the past four days. Of these, 52 were killed on Thursday (Eid al-Adha in Gaza). In addition, another 560 people were injured.

Al-Jazeera reports that Israel has continued its attacks on Palestine. On the day of Eid al-Fitr, Israeli bombers continued to bomb the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, seven Israelis have been killed so far in a Hamas rocket attack on Israel. Among them are an Indian woman and an Israeli soldier. In addition, more than a hundred Israelis were injured.

The conflict began with fears of the displacement of several Palestinian families from the Sheikh Zarah area of ​​Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. That conflict still continues.


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