Israeli massacre in Gaza where is Biden’s human rights? After taking the oath of office, US President Joe Biden pledged to pursue a foreign policy that would focus on human rights. Which will be conducted in a lawful manner respecting international law.

But now Israel is evicting Palestinians from Jerusalem. As an occupying power, Israel is not complying with its obligations. Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have killed more than 140 Palestinians, including 39 children and 22 women.

This time, 140 progressive groups have called on Biden to abide by international law and condemn Israel’s human rights abuses against the Palestinians.

In a statement, they called on the Biden administration to condemn the eviction of Palestinian families and to exert diplomatic pressure on Israel to prevent possible war crimes.

The statement was signed by Advocacy Group MoveOn, Working Families Party, The Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats. The call comes amid the Biden administration’s unquestioning support for Israel.

The United Nations has ruled that evicting a Palestinian family from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood would amount to war crimes.

In a statement, they said Israel had taken these steps as part of its ongoing policy of evicting Palestinians from their homes through evictions, house demolitions and displacement. The Palestinians are being driven out of Jerusalem in order to gain and maintain a Jewish majority by changing the demographics in the city.

Palestinian human rights activists have called it genocide. Analyst Omar Baddar said genocide was a serious crime. But the Biden administration is not expressing any concerns.

He says now is the time to hold Israel accountable if human rights are paramount in the Biden administration’s foreign policy.

The statement was further signed by the Progressive Democrats of America, Jewish Voice for Peace, Win Udayout War, Our Revolution, The US Campaign for Palestinian Rice, Israel / Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church.

These organizations have called on Biden to live up to his international commitments to protect human rights. They say the Biden administration has repeatedly said that human rights will be at the center of their foreign policy and international law. Therefore, according to him, thousands of Palestinians have been called upon to prevent forced evictions in accordance with international law.


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