Kishore Chowdhury is the third in the master chef competition of Australia. Master Chef Kishore Chowdhury of Bangladeshi descent has captivated the world by representing local cuisine in Australia. The results of the grand finale of Masterchef-2021 have been announced on Tuesday (July 13). He has become the third. And Justin Narayan was the first.

Praising Kishore and Pete Campbell, the winner, Justin, said they were both great people. And Pete is like my older brother. “I came third in one of the biggest love stories,” Kishore said after the results were announced.

And Justin, who is the first to apologize to his fiance for not being able to help with the wedding planning. “But now I can pay the price,” he said.
Kishore competed with Justin Narayan and Pete Campbell in the final. Pitt took place in the final on July 6. Kishore Chowdhury competed against Justin Narayan and Alice Poolbrook in the semifinals. He defeated them in that competition with his talent and skill.

He has also earned the love and support of Bangladeshis around the world. The rising star has vowed to write a cookbook for Bangladeshi food in the future.

In different stages of the master chef competition, he has overwhelmed everyone with the Bangladeshi food he learned from his mother. “I spent most of my time cooking at home in Dhaka,” he said. In Melbourne too, I have given more importance to local food. When I cook Bangladeshi food, my chest fills with pride.

Kishore Chowdhury has won Bengali and Indian food at the Master Chef event. His recipe is now world-renowned.
Earlier, he had served fuchka, khichuri, porridge, shrimp-lau soup, seafood curry, brinjal mash, fried fish, and ice cream.

The main episode of the 13th edition of MasterChef Australia, one of the world’s most popular television reality shows, begins on April 20.
The competition is being held in the Northern Territory. After the qualifying round, 24 people took part in the final round of the program. Kishore Chowdhury, 38, of Bangladeshi descent, is on the list of the best.

About 40 countries around the world have their own master chefs. ‘Masterchef Australia’ is at the top of popularity in the world’s culinary television reality show.


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