Perfume business slows down in Kuwait. At this time of the year, the perfume and perfume traders of Kuwait trade in full swing. However, the second wave of the corona has had a direct impact on the country’s business. Even though Eid is approaching in Kuwait, the shops selling perfumes are still frozen.

Although there is no curfew, shopkeepers have to close their shops by 8 am due to strict restrictions. As a result, there are no buyers in the markets without buyers. No overcrowding like before. The perfume traders of the country are having to count the losses this time as they could not keep the shops open properly.

Suk Al Mubarakia Market in Kuwait. Kuwait is a market of choice for tourists from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, and Oman, including expatriate Bangladeshis. No tourist is able to come to Kuwait as the flight is closed.

Hundreds of Bangladeshi traders are involved in the perfume business here. Many of them are facing serious losses. The expatriate traders are in extreme distress with this.
Due to the downturn in the business, the traders are struggling to pay the shop rent and the salaries and allowances of the workers. However, they hope that Kuwait’s a trade and commerce will gradually pick up speed after overcoming the Corona epidemic.


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