Putin admitted to taking the vaccine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the Russian-made Sputnik-V vaccine to prevent corona. He made the claim on Wednesday (June 30th) after keeping the vaccine a secret for several months.

He took two doses of the vaccine in March and April this year. However, no video footage of his vaccination has been released. News of Arabnews and Moscow Times.

The world’s first registered coronary vaccine Sputnik-V. The vaccine has also been delivered to Mongolia and Brazil. Last May, Putin said the ticker could be relied on like the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Russia has also produced two more vaccines. Although the vaccination rate in the country is very low. So far, 13 percent of Russians have taken two doses of the vaccine.
In comparison, more than half of the United States and 6 percent of Icelanders have been vaccinated against coronary heart disease.

A total of 21,042 new corona patients were identified in Russia on Wednesday. 669 of them died. This is the highest death toll since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country.

Russia has also identified a highly contagious Delta variant. Although more dangerous corona types are suspected to be present in the country.

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko says 151,000 people in Russia are now being treated for coronavirus in hospitals.