Russia gave great news about vaccination. Russia was the first country to introduce the coronavirus vaccine in August 2020. On August 11 of that year, without giving any information to the whole world, the government of the country issued the license of ‘Sputnik-Five or Sputnik-V’ ticker locally. The news of Russia making this vaccine caught the attention of the world at that time.

In 1957, the then Soviet Union launched a satellite tv for pc referred to as Sputnik, and declared victory within the house conquest. The corona vaccine is also called Sputnik after Sputnik.

At first, scientists were skeptical of the Sputnik-V vaccine. But now they say the vaccine is just as effective as other vaccines in preventing the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, new information came out about the Sputnik-V vaccine to prevent corona. Currently, two variants of the coronavirus, Delta and Lambda, are responsible for most of the infections and deaths worldwide. Russia’s Jamelia Research Institute has given good news in this situation. Releasing a research report, they said that Sputnik-V is equally effective against all variants of coronavirus.

The study, published Monday (July 12th) by the Gamelia Research Institute in Russia, claims that Sputnik-V is equally effective against coronavirus alpha B1, beta B1, gamma P1, and delta B1 species. They also said that the Sputnik-V works equally well against the Moscow species and the Lambda species, the research institute said.

The Gamelia Research Institute says more research will be done on the effectiveness of the vaccine. According to international media, the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V is being used in about 6 countries.


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