Russia has started mass production of war robots. Russia says its military will quickly be equipped with autonomous war robots. These robots can fight independently against the enemy on the battlefield.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Saturday (May 22nd) that high-tech military vehicles could fight on the battlefield using artificial intelligence. Mass production of these robots is starting and will be added to the military. This is not an experimental measure, he said. Sergei Shoigu called the robot a “weapon of the future.”

Russia has already developed a number of independent and semi-independent machines, including the Uran-9, which can be used in various ways as robotic weapons. The weapon looks like a small tank with a 30 mm cannon, several firearms, and four guided anti-tank missiles.

On the battlefield, these weapons can monitor the enemy and provide support in the shelling. Therefore, the casualties of the troops on their side will be comparatively less.


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