Seven cyclones hit India. That being said, Hurricane Yas is one of the strongest cyclones in the last few decades. Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and the West Bengal coast are most affected by any cyclone in India. Let’s take a look at the cyclones that have hit India for decades.

Ampan 2020

A five-magnitude super cyclone Ampan hit the east coast of India on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh in May last year. It is also the first super cyclone to be created in the Bay of Bengal in this country. West Bengal suffers the most. The storm killed at least 60 people in the state.

Fani 2019

In 2019, a powerful cyclone devastated the Orissa coast of India. Violence was also going on at Bhubaneswar airport. Normal public life was endangered. The country’s meteorological department identified it as a Category 4 hurricane considering Fani’s strength.

Eye 2016

In 2016, Hurricane Akshi hit the west coast of India. The states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat were affected. At least 25 people lost their lives in that powerful cyclone.

Bharada 2018

Cyclone Bharada, which struck in 2016, was mainly in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Later it entered the east coast and carried out riots in Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Kanchipuram. At least 36 people lost their lives in that winter storm.

Hudhud 2014

In 2014, another powerful cyclone ‘Hudhud’ hit the east coast of India. The coast of Visakhapatnam was completely destroyed. At the same time, destruction also took place in Orissa. The Hudhud violence killed 124 people.

Sapphire 2012

Cyclone Neelam hit the south coast in 2012. In this, the beach-town Mahabalipuram is upset. The tide is about 100 meters high. At least 75 people lost their lives.

Orissa Super Cyclone 1999

The worst cyclone ever hit India in 1999. The cyclone, which formed in the sea adjacent to the Andamans, gradually accumulated energy and then hit the coast of Orissa. The storm wreaked havoc for two days. Public life was virtually paralyzed by the storm. In this, more than 15 thousand people died. Millions became homeless.


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