The baby is turning to stone, even the helpless doctors. Seen from a distance, it looks like a porcelain doll. Anyone who sees her soft gaze will turn to caress her cheeks. But this impossibly beautiful child is turning to stone day by day. The doctors also accepted the rate. He said, as long as he is alive, the child will have to live like a stone.

The baby was born on January 31 amid the epidemic. Her name is Lexi Robbins. This cute baby was the first to shed light on his parents’ family. But the rhythm falls a few days later.
Alex and Dave said everything was going well. But one day they see that their daughter’s thumb is not moving at all.

The toes are also a little bigger than usual. As the condition did not change, they went to the doctor. At first, no one could catch the disease. Just saying, their daughter can’t walk. Alex and Dave couldn’t believe it when they saw the healthy-looking girl. So decided to show the expert.

But Alex and Dave are stunned by what they find out. They know that their daughter suffers from a rare disease called Fibrodysplasia ossificans Progressive (FOP), a disease that causes bones to grow outside the skeletal structure. Muscles in the body also turn into bones over time. As age increases, the excess of bones in the body increases. That is why at one time the body practically turned to stone.

Doctors said the joints of the bones from Lexi’s feet to toes were swollen. The thumb of the hand has two joints. That’s why he can’t move his finger. There is also a risk that he will become deaf as his ear bones grow. Dentistry is not going to be treated. He cannot be given any injection.


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