Friday morning is a curse for Taiwan. Many people lost their lives in the biggest train accident in three decades in the history of the country. Rescue operations began shortly after the train derailed at the Hualina tunnel in the eastern coastal region.

Several bogies of the train were completely twisted in the accident. It had at least 300 passengers. The Taiwanese president said they were making every effort. The transport ministry said the injured had been rushed to hospital, but that the death toll could rise as the condition of many became serious.

An investigation has already been launched into the incident, suggesting the train collided with a truck that was not parked properly. The bogie eats home with the tunnel. The truck probably slipped and fell on the railway line. A damaged truck was seen right next to the derailed train in the fire department photo.

The biggest rail accident ever in Taiwan

In 2018, a train accident in the country killed 18 people. In 1990, 30 people were killed when two trains collided. As such, it is the biggest rail accident in Taiwan’s history.