The lungs of the earth “Amazon” is being completely destroyed!

The lungs of the earth “Amazon” is being completely destroyed! yes, Amazon! About 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen comes from this forest, which is why this forest is called the lungs of the earth. And people are destroying this lung in a hurry. However, climate change is coming to snatch the title of the best destructive energy from the hands of the people. Scientists have suggested that deforestation in the Amazon is becoming a major factor.

Climate change will be the final blow before the last great tree of the forest falls on the ax of man. Most recently, in 2018, scientists reported that the Amazon would no longer be able to withstand only twenty-five percent of deforestation, then it would lose the ability to generate the moisture needed for rain and turn into an arid ecosystem. Also, a researcher has already determined the time of Amazon’s death.

Research has shown that in 2064, Amazon will be wiped out forever. It’s like a catastrophic battle for the Amazon grassroots between human civilization and a hostile climate, says Robert Waka, a statistical geographer. He is a researcher at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida in the United States.

He gave the day of 2064. This time, his remarks are not intended to intimidate unnecessarily. He said that taking into account all the influences, it is clear that Amazon will not be able to make up for the losses due to the unbearable and frequent changes that have come through these disasters.

The speed of forest expansion will be lost, the reproduction of various species of trees will be disrupted. Terrible morocco will appear in full-grown trees. The green sari will be the wasteland of the crematorium. The people have to pay many times the price for the defeat they have caused. So people need to be aware. Not only Amazon but also countries like Bangladesh need to take effective initiatives to protect forests.