China is set to release its first population decline report in five decades. This will increase the pressure on China to take various steps to encourage couples to have children.

The country conducts a census once every decade. China now has to take various steps to avoid population decline.

The news agency Reuters gave such news.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released the results of the census. Although the census was conducted last year, the results have not been released yet.

However, NBS did not respond when Reuters wanted to talk about it. These population figures in China are very sensitive. It will not be published until the government departments agree on this.


Geo Zhang, the chief economist at Shenzhen-based Pinpoint Asset Management, said that if China confirms this data on population decline, it is a much bigger event.

the population is declining in China

He said that according to the UN projection, China’s population could reach its peak in 2027. However, it is expected to be ahead of the expectations of the market and policymakers.

No explanation was given as to why the census results were delayed.

In recent months, China’s state media has been saying that the population is likely to continue to decline in the next few years.

In order to increase the population, the Chinese government abolished the one-child policy in 2016. The country now has a two-child policy.


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