The Spaniards are in the swing of not wearing a mask. In Spain, the use of masks has been lifted, but as a precaution, many are following the hygiene rules on their own initiative. Young people do not wear masks but adults are still going out on the streets wearing masks to keep themselves safe.

In Spain, under pressure from opposition parties, the government lifted the ban on masks at a cabinet meeting on June 21. As per the decision, it has been announced that from June 26, it will be possible to move on roads, parks, or open spaces without masks.

However, many people are still seen wearing face masks on the streets. When asked about this, the Spaniards said that they are afraid of the third wave of Indian variants in different countries of the world. The expatriates said we were wearing masks for a year and a half.

Now that the Spanish government has lifted the ban on wearing masks, we are no longer wearing masks. However, we are apprehensive about the way the Delta variant is spreading.

Government guidelines still apply to wearing masks in shopping malls, metro rails, or crowded places and maintaining social distance. And so the health-conscious people here are still in favor of wearing masks for their own protection. A Spanish citizen said that it is very difficult to wear a mask in hot weather but we are wearing the mask in safety.

The citizens of the country have not yet forgotten the scene in the first wave of the Corona, which turned Spain into a place of death. Analysts say the situation in Corona has gradually improved due to self-awareness and the Spanish government’s efforts.

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