The United Kingdom is building the most ambitious bridge. Plans are afoot to unite the two shores of Ireland and Britain on the western tip of Europe. The distance between the two islands is 12 miles.

The UK government is conducting a geological survey to build a bridge or tunnel between Northern Ireland and Scotland to improve the 12-mile deep sea transport system.
Although the length of the bridge is not very long, there are many geological and environmental disadvantages.

That is why this bridge is being called one of the most technologically ambitious projects in the history of world engineering. In addition to economic and infrastructural issues, local political issues have also been involved in the construction of this bridge.

However, the construction of a bridge or tunnel has been under discussion since 2016. The then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson also supported the construction of this bridge. At the time, Scottish architect Alan Dunlop also submitted a proposal to build a multipurpose bridge there.

The United Kingdom, which is currently isolated from Europe, has a reputation for abandoning bridge construction and burning bridges. However, if the United Kingdom can implement this plan, it will be able to compete with the Golden Gate Bridge or the Channel Tunnel in the United States.


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