This time Europe will see the flood damage. Record rainfall has caused floods in several European countries, including Belgium. Floods are also forecast in the Netherlands and France.

British environmentalists claim that the world needs to adapt to climate change, even if it reduces atmospheric carbon emissions.

Heavy rains have caused floods in Belgium. Local authorities have confirmed several deaths in the country’s Weaver’s region. At least 10 houses were completely damaged. Public transport is closed due to flooding of roads.

The flood situation has also deteriorated in Switzerland, another country in Europe. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places in the country. If the water rises another 13 cm, the whole city will be submerged.

Meanwhile, a British environmental scientist claims that even if the carbon emissions in the atmosphere are reduced, this sudden change in the weather cannot be brought under control.

As the temperature rises, more moisture is being created in the atmosphere. Due to which excessive floods are occurring. It will increase further in the future. We have to be prepared to accept this new behavior of the weather.

Although scientists have repeatedly warned about carbon emissions, widespread awareness has not yet been created.


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