The death procession in India is not stopping. Ambulances carrying corpses are telling the horrors of the Corona situation in India. Fleet of white vehicles in cemeteries and crematoriums. U.S. citizens have been instructed to leave India as soon as possible in the wake of the devastating epidemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and the State Department have issued separate instructions.

The directive issued a four-level warning for India, which is the highest warning for any U.S. citizen traveling or leaving the country.

With the dire deterioration of the Corona situation, medical opportunities in India have become very limited. In this situation, many American citizens living in India are not getting the opportunity to receive medical treatment, according to the US media.

The US State Department on April 26 approved the voluntary departure of the families of government officials from the US embassies in India.

The US State Department said consular general offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai, including the US embassy in New Delhi, would remain open as usual. In addition, embassies will provide emergency consulate services.

U.S. citizens residing in India are advised to leave India directly on commercial flights or via Paris, Frankfurt and Doha. In addition, U.S. citizens are requested to list their names on the State Department’s website for emergency information.

Meanwhile, 3,501 people have died in India in the last 24 hours as of Friday (April 30) morning, and 3,07,008 new cases have been reported, according to the World Omitted. India, which is the second most affected and the third deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 1,054,984 people and killed 2,08,313.


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