US troops leave Afghanistan, China ready. Eventually, US troops withdrew from Afghanistan. This was the end of the longest American war in Afghanistan. However, China sees this gap as an opportunity. The idea is that China will strengthen its position in this gap between NATO and the United States.

China’s dream project in South Asia is ‘Belt and Road’. Following China’s good relations with Pakistan, the Xi Jinping government is continuing its activities along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China has invested about 62 billion here, and Afghanistan is joining the project as part of that.

With the target of 2049 in mind, China is lending large sums of money to various LDCs or developing countries to implement the Belt and Road. In this case, the idea is that Afghanistan and China will be included in this assistance. China is already working on Pakistan’s infrastructural development.

According to the Daily Beast, the highway that runs from Peshawar to Kabul is China’s intention to extend it to Beijing. This will connect Afghanistan to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
So far, Afghanistan has not had a strong position with China under US pressure. Now that the Americans have taken away all their rights from Afghanistan, Afghanistan will no longer be an obstacle to establishing relations with China.

The United States and all members of the North Atlantic Security Alliance (NATO) have been withdrawn from Bagram, the largest military base inside Afghanistan. The Bagram airbase was evacuated on Friday (July 2nd) as part of a peace deal with the Taliban. The United States and its allies have been carrying out airstrikes on the Taliban and allied militant groups for 20 years from Bagram, 60 kilometers north of the capital Kabul.

Under former US President Donald Trump, an agreement was reached with the Taliban to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. According to the agreement, all US troops were to be repatriated by May 1 this year. But after Biden became president, that deadline was extended to September 11. The majority of US troops in Afghanistan will return home. Only a few soldiers will be there to guard the embassy.

The Taliban has vowed not to allow any international militant group to operate in Afghanistan as a result of the withdrawal of foreign troops.


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