Without 70 percent vaccination, the epidemic will not stop. Hans Clujs, the European director of the World Health Organization, said the epidemic would not end unless at least 60 percent of the population was vaccinated. He also lamented the slow pace of vaccination programs in Europe. 

In an interview on Friday (May 26th), he also expressed frustration with the increase in coronary heart disease.-Khabar Dawn Online

Hans Clujes said the Indian type of corona is more contagious than the British type. And the British variety is more contagious than its predecessors.


According to Belgian doctors, speed is much more important in an epidemic. When the World Health Organization declared Corona an epidemic, many countries were seen waiting. In this way, they have wasted precious time.


Hans Cluj has been the Regional Director of the World Health Organization since 2020. “Speed ​​is our best friend,” he said. Time is working against us. But the pace of vaccination is very slow.


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