The Indonesian submarine sank in the Bali. The information at Military has announced that a Navy submarine missing since Wednesday sunk it had 53 Sailors on board. Search teams have discovered a brief on the vessel including items from inside such as prayer Maps.


What remains of the submarine is believed to be at a depth of 850 meters below the level at which of safely operate he was together. This submarine, the non Gala for it to disappeared four days ago on board fifty-three crew members taking part in a torpedo exercise off the coast of Barling.


Contact was lost after the crew asked for permission to dive. A major operation to find the stricken submarine was launched with Malaysian and Australian ships amongst those helping today became clear, or was lost at a news conference this morning, the Indonesian Navy, Chief announced a submarine had suck and fragments of it.


Have been recovered, including a piece of the torpedo. A prayer. Mat was also found The submarine had recently been refitted with 40 years old.


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