Turkey has fined tech giant Google for abusing search engine services. The Turkish law enforcement agency, the Turkish Competition Board, fined Google on Wednesday (April 14th). The fine amounted to more than 296 million lire ($36.6M). News Reuters.

In a statement, the company said that Google is offering its customers more benefits at a fixed price for accepting its services, which is more than competing companies. As a result, the tech giant has to face fines for creating inequality in search engine services.

The Turkish Competition Board also said that Google would have to ensure within six months that competing companies would not be put at a disadvantage and submit an annual report for five years.

However, Google said that the effectiveness of the search service has been increased as per the demands of the customers.

It has more search and convenience options, which has increased competition in the market. “We are evaluating the decision of the Turkish company and working with them in the constructive process,” the technology company said in a statement.

Turkey has previously fined Google for abuse of power in the market on multiple issues. Last year, the company was fined about 200 million lire (24.73 million) for illegally entering the advertising market.