7 ways to keep the house cool in the heat. Public life has become unbearable in the intense heat of a few days. Survival without AC has become a responsibility! But the cost of AC cannot be borne by everyone.

Or there is no ACO everywhere. But did you know that the house can be kept cold without running AC? Then learn some natural ways to keep the house cool.


If the tube light is kept on, the house gets hot. So use low light LED lighting if possible. The heat will dissipate less.


Table fan:
Do you have a table fan at home? Carry your table fan to the window every afternoon to avoid the scorching heat. This will carry the chilly air from the exterior inside and can take away the insufferable heat of the house.

It is very good to have a ventilator in the house. However, clean it well.


Run the fan with ice:
Want to eat instant AC air? Keep the bowl full of ice in front of the table fan and keep the fan running. Or freeze ice in a water bottle and place it in front of the fan. Whenever you run the fan, the cold air of ice will cool the room.


There is no problem with wooden windows. But if the windows are made of glass, use dark-colored curtains. Light-colored curtains do not block the heat of the sun. Use curtains on windows or verandas. This is a kind of grass, able to trap heat. If you can pour a little water into it, you will see that the house has become very cold.

Wet sheets:
You can soak a thick sheet in water, dry it, put it on a slightly damp cloth, and put it on the screen. Works well as an alternative to poppy seeds.


Use bedsheets of light-colored thin cotton. Cotton draws heat. So you can fill the pillow with buckwheat or rice. Getting a mat in the middle of the mattress will reduce the heat of the bed a lot.


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