How to recognize a good mango in 2021. The honeymoon has begun. After a few days, the smell of mango, blackberry, jackfruit, litchi will waft around. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like mangoes.

However, as a result of the artificial ripening of mango, many people do not get the taste of real mango. It looks good from the outside and looks good after buying. So if you don’t want to be cheated by buying mangoes, find out the best way to recognize mangoes-

Understand the smell of mango

Take the mango near the nose and smell it. If there is a sweet smell coming from the stem, then the mango should be considered as good. You can buy this mango safely. If the mango has a strong pungent or sour smell, refrain from buying the mango.

See if it is soft

Take a mango from the mango you will buy and lightly press it with your fingertips. If the mango is ripe, it will be soft. Don’t buy it if it gets pierced by finger pressure.

What does mango look like?

If it looks beautiful, it will be far ahead in the list of good mangoes. Buy mangoes that are spotless and not flaky. Don’t buy wrinkled mangoes. In the case of good mangoes, color is not so important. You can buy mango of any color like green, yellow, red, golden, orange.

Take a look

Buy mango to see if it is naturally ripe. Because many mangoes are rolled with carbide. So when buying mangoes, it is better to check and select a little. Many bring mangoes directly from the garden and sell them. If someone you know sells like this, you can also buy mangoes from him. There is less fear of being cheated.


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