Understand how you are suffering from high blood pressure. Bodyweight can increase if you do not exercise and do physical work every day. This requires extra work on the heart. Overweight people have high blood pressure.

It is a non-communicable disease such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc. It only affects people in developed countries. But that idea has been proven completely wrong. Infectious diseases have decreased in our country as in other countries of the world and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases has increased a lot.

High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, the patient has no physical discomfort. Therefore, he himself can not understand whether anyone is suffering from this disease.

When complications of high blood pressure such as stroke, heart attack, kidney damage occur, the patient suffers from various physical problems. So diagnosing this disease becomes a big challenge.

Because there is no physical problem, one does not want to go to the doctor to see how the blood pressure is, whether it is high blood pressure.


Again, if someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure, about half of the patients do not take regular treatment. High blood pressure patients do not have any problems for 1 to 3 consecutive months but have to stay in the follow-up, to check whether the pressure is under control. In addition, even after the blood pressure is under control, the medicine has to be taken for life.

Symptoms: There are no specific symptoms of high blood pressure. However, some of the common symptoms include-
Severe headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness, neck pain, nausea or vomiting, slight irritability or restless body trembling, poor sleep at night, occasional ringing in the ears, often loss of consciousness.

Causes of high blood pressure:

  • Generally, the risk of high blood pressure increases after 40 years
  • Excess weight or obesity
  • If anyone in the family has high blood pressure
  • If you do not exercise regularly or do physical work
  • Eat more than six grams or one teaspoon of salt per day
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol or eating excess caffeine foods/drinks
  • If you have trouble sleeping for a long time
  • If there is physical and mental stress


What causes high blood pressure?

No specific cause of high blood pressure is known in 90% of patients, it is called primary or essential blood pressure. Older people usually have higher blood pressure. Some factors increase the risk of high blood pressure; As high blood pressure is hereditary, if the parents have high blood pressure, the child is also at risk. Even if a close relative has high blood pressure, others are at risk.

Overweight and lifestyle: If you do not get enough exercise and physical activity, body weight can increase. This requires extra work on the heart. Overweight people tend to have high blood pressure.

Smoking: In the physique of a smoker, numerous toxins of tobacco may cause numerous illnesses of arteries, veins, and coronary heart together with high blood pressure.

Excess salt consumption: Dietary salt comprises sodium, which will increase the water content material of the blood. As an outcome, blood quantity and pressure improve.

Eating habits: Eating additional fatty meals corresponding to meat, butter, and deep-fried meals can result in weight acquire. The yolk of the egg and the liver, kidneys, mind play all these will increase the LDL cholesterol within the blood. Excess LDL cholesterol within the blood makes the partitions of blood vessels thick and exhausting. As an outcome, blood pressure could rise.

Diabetes: Patients with diabetes develop high blood pressure with age. In addition, they might have blindness and numerous kidney illnesses.

Excessive Anxiety: Excessive anger, excitement, fear, and stress can also cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. If this stress persists and the patient is unable to cope with the increasing stress, this high blood pressure may become permanent.

Things to do: Avoid eating too much salt, go to bed early at night, exercise regularly, quit smoking. And the less anxiety there is, the better. Diabetes should be kept under control. Eggs, butter, cheese, mutton, beef should be avoided so that blood cholesterol does not rise. As the body fat increases, so does the blood pressure.

So you need to lose weight. The main thing to do is to take medicine regularly. As long as you live, hypertension will stay with you. It will hurt you whenever you get a chance. Regular medication should be taken and checkups should be done.


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