What you can eat to cure cough after corona? Cough is one of the most common symptoms of coronary heart disease. When the other problems of this virus are cured, in some cases dry cough stays for a long time.

In addition, sore throat, body irritation, these problems continue for a long time. A dry cough also puts people in a lot of trouble. It is difficult to eat food and it is even more difficult to sleep at night.


It also takes a lot of time to cure this cough. In addition to taking the medicine as advised by the doctor, you can also follow some tips at home.

Such as:

Honey: Sore throat or whooping cough – Honey is very useful for all kinds of problems. It has the flexibility to battle micro organism and fungi. It also contains many beneficial antioxidants for the body. To get rid of dry cough, you can mix two spoons of honey in hot water twice a day. This will relax the throat a lot.

Ginger: Ginger works to cure many ailments. It is especially effective in any type of infectious disease. If the cough doesn’t subside, you can make tea with ginger at home and eat it more than once a day. Get comfortable.


Saltwater: Mix salt in light hot water and grind it occasionally. Salt helps repel germs. Salt can battle the germs which have entered the physique due to an infection. You can get relief in the throat by squeezing for a few days.

You can also heat water with ginger, cloves, bay leaves, and chili and mix it with honey.


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